Last Alliance of Idiots and Morons March for Bloomberg

NEW YORK CITY – Police are out in force after a grand alliance of idiots and morons took to Times Square to march in support of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his policies.

Though the protesters already numbered over 40,000 by noon on Tuesday, reinforcements being provided by Ignoramuses Anonymous are expected to double the total by the late evening.

Participants interviewed crowed animatedly when confronted by reporters from Central Central News.

Barney Thomas of Sunnydale, California said, “Hear this as I speak it – this is how history will be written! But there were some who resisted. One last alliance of idiots and morons marching for the Mayor Bloomberg and his policies of maximum freedom for each individual and American!”

The activists are believed to be members of The Grand Idiot and Moron Coalition, a group which describes a tenet of its mission as “To promote radical libertarian policies and limited government that does not infringe on charity or consumption rights.”

When questioned about the groundswell of support, Bloomberg admitted he is puzzled, but nonetheless thrilled. “At last people are beginning to appreciate the glorious sense of belonging in my state of maximum liberty.”

To Liberty On Live correspondent Megyn Tantaros’ question of how he can equate his soda tax and charity donations to libertarianism, Bloomberg gave a sharp response.

“People who give themselves over to my policies are experiencing absolute freedom – from themselves.”

Other sources say Ron Paul is in limbo. And shaking his head.

Author: Veto Votti

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