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Sexiest Youtube Channel Ever! Join the Runnymede Revolution. Subscribe Before I’m Finally Executed!

No, I haven’t got my kit off… Yet. Oh, however will you cope! But here are some pretty damn ‘bijiao sexual’ videos of mine on the Youtube! (If you don’t know what ‘bijiao sexual’ means, ask Captain Marriott! If you…

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Random Thoughts (XII): Grand Wizards, Bent Wizards & Wacky Quotes!

Counter-Terrorism in Middle Earth If Mordor was the Political Islamist Dystopia, and Isengard was the equivocal ‘middle line Realpolitik’ kingdom of ‘moderate political Islamism’ and/or ‘post-Islamism,’ what would you do?

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Neo-Nazis Condemn ‘Rothschild Media Lies’ About Hitler Facebook Gaffe

Hitler was added to this group in error. Hitler strongly condemns antisemitism, and all other forms of racism, particularly against the pure Aryan race.

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