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Welcome to Fantasy Baseball 2019

Nearly 20 million people play fantasy baseball, but there’s something about it that I don’t get. It’s probably the word “fantasy.” In fantasy baseball, people compete as team owners by drafting a roster of current players from different Major League…

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Shirt Tales Part II: How My Lucky Red Sox Shirt Helped the Patriots Win Super Bowl LIII

The New England Patriots weren’t supposed to beat younger, more talented teams to win their sixth Super Bowl. So how did they do it? What made the difference as the Patriots eked out improbable playoff victories? First, an overtime win…

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Shirt Tales: How My Lucky Shirt Helped the Red Sox Win

Amid talk of the different factors that led the Red Sox to their fourth World Series in 15 years, one factor has gone on unnoticed. Sure, they had great (and high-priced) talent and great chemistry. Some claimed having a new…

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Baseball’s Greatest Dicks

Spring is here, a time when young men’s fancies turn to begging their parents not to make them play Little League. Baseball has become one of the least popular sports among kids these days, dropping below competitive standing. However, to…

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