Hillary is Not Bad at Basketball… Period. But She WILL be President!

Rachel Maddow of the left-leaning news network MSNBC has defended Hillary Clinton from malicious and false conservative allegations that she is bad at basketball.

See this transcript:

“The enemies of the Democratic Party, is there any depths to which they will not stoop to insult this woman with malicious and self-evidently false, I mean absolutely ridiculously implausible allegations?

“I believe if Hillary Clinton were a man, no-one would ever criticize her in this way.

“I mean, she goes to a school to talk to the kids, misses a few hoops, and Republican trolls descend upon her like vultures, accusing her of bad faith when she actually correctly confirmed in her interview with me that she is quite the basketball player.

“Yes, all right, just have a look at this pic of Hillary being confronted by these people… and this hideous sample of Twitter trolls… unbelievable, isn’t it? You know, I have a suspicion that this school set the basketball hoop deliberately high, so that she would miss it.

“Worse than a glass ceiling, huh? You know, I’m not going to say for sure, I mean there sure are a lot of Republicans in that State, and I guess I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions. I guess this is a country where a certain kind of woman…. Huh-huh!… like Palin or Bachmann, are permitted to thrive and prosper, but successful and talented women like Clinton go to the wall.

“By the way, people are saying that Elizabeth Warren is much better, but I really… you know I really wish people would shut up about this other woman Elizabeth Warren. You know, seriously dude… Hillary for President… you know it makes sense! Oh… oh my gosh, sorry, I didn’t mean to make an explicitly biased endorsement of a possible future presidential candidate… my bad! Guess that’s media objectivity for you!”

Future opinion polls will determine what effect Maddow’s inadvertent endorsement of Clinton might have.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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