Billy Beane in attempted trade for Trout: “F*** it”

ANAHEIM – This morning, general manager Billy Beane of the Oakland Athletics attempted the trade of a lifetime.

Jerry Dipoto, GM of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, tells source that Beane contacted him in the early hours of the morning with an offer he “couldn’t refuse.”

Beane called the Dipoto home around 4am and told the former pitcher “F*** it. I’m ready.” He then allegedly tried to offer up the entire 2014 Oakland Athletics roster in exchange for Angels marquee player, Mike Trout.

“It sounded like he’d been drinking,” reports Dipoto, who is in the last year of his contract with the Angels. “He kept telling me that Cespedes was worth a dozen Trouts anyway. I think he forgot that he’d already traded him.”

When questioned this morning about offering up the player he’d already bartered away to Boston, Beane responded, “That wasn’t Callaspo?”

Dipoto continued, “He told me to throw in [Angels manager, Mike] Scioscia because he ‘wasn’t doing me any favors anyway.’”

Author: Zachary Ellis

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