Lady Liberty Loses Innocence to Greedy Suitors

It was a heinous act; too vile and too great for our minds to even truly comprehend.

Lady Liberty, our much beloved symbol of America, was assaulted and callously violated today in an attack that has left the nation breathless with shock and disbelief. In a rape in which she was violated by those she had trusted and put confidence in, she was taken advantage of in ways that only lustful and disreputable minds could think of.

In the past, always one to guard her honor carefully, she has chosen over the last two centuries to be wooed by by rich concerns who were not so virtuous and only sought her favor for access to her riches.

Although she was attractive, they were secretly only interested in using her to advance their own positions. Her many suitors flooded her arms with gifts and showered her with adoring words, all the while seeking out her weaknesses and how they could come to take advantage of her wealth.

Slowly moving their tentacles secretly into her businesses and those of the American people she governed, they gradually took over more and more control until in the years of the 2000’s they were actually able to get her government to save their financial empires from crumbling, while letting the plights of her common people go unanswered.

While these kings of financial might lived lavishly in marbled halls of plenty, they took the meager homes of those on a lesser financial scale from them without mercy.

When their might was stronger than that of the land that she represented they finally let their true intentions and their true desires show through and took her when they knew at last that they were stronger than she.

Repeatedly ravished, the over lords showed no respect for her being or her virtue, but violated her in every way possible and left her bleeding and battered on the floor.

They had not even the grace to look back.

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Author: rfreed

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