New Evidence Casts Doubt on ‘Official’ 9-11 Report

In short, digital enhancement of what was once thought to be video of an innocent family outing on a fateful day in American history now suggests the truth of 9-11 has long been packaged in a tissue of lies.

At this writing, no major news outlets have seen the video. Word of it first leaked out last week via internet postings by a shadowy group calling itself ‘The Guardians.’ All that is known for certain is encryption experts believe the group is employing a sophisticated technology that ‘dances’ across the ISP spectrum and makes tracing impossible.

Authorities appear helpless in stopping the threatened internet broadcast of the footage. If the group’s claims prove to be true, it could mean the first time in our nation’s history when high-level officials of the Executive branch are tried for treason.

Protection of the source seems to be of paramount concern to the Guardians, and the chief reason for delay in release of the video. It’s rumored the family in question has already been relocated to a safe house somewhere in the EU.

Purportedly the video begins with a picnic involving hot dogs and chocolate chip cookies. The choppy, sometimes grainy footage next cuts to a young girl struggling to get a ‘My Pretty Pony’ kite aloft.

Three hundred yards away from that peaceful setting, history was about to unfold at the Pentagon building. Per the Guardians, digital enhancement puts the lie to all ‘official’ accounts that a commandeered passenger jet accounted for all the damage done that day in our nation’s military nerve center.

The video clearly shows a second plane on the grassy knoll near the Pentagon. It appears to be a Cessna 1530.

Author: Liberties-Taken

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