Crash Kills IndyCar Racer, Leaves Car in Critical Condition

LAS VEGAS – The world of racing is left to reflect after a multiple-car crash in Las Vegas killed famed driver Dan Wheldon and left his racing vehicle in a “serious condition.”

The accident involved 15 other drivers, whose vehicles are said to be in stable conditions.

Former 2-time Indy 500 winner Wheldon was later pronounced dead in hospital, while his racing car is fighting for its life after suffering multiple injuries, including 3 ruptured tires, a dislocated steering wheel and a damaged suspension. IndyCar servicemen have transported it to an engineering plant, where its progress is “being monitored”.

“The car is undergoing intensive treatment at this time”, said mechanic David Ward. “We are preparing to perform a battery transplant as well as a crucial operation on its engine to reduce internal petrol loss”.

Members of the Bryan Herta Autosport team, to whom Wheldon was signed, have chosen to stay by the vehicle’s side, while the team’s distraught sponsors have been told to prepare for the possibility that the car may never fully recover from its horrific injuries.

In the event of its death, the car is expected to be buried at a local scrap yard before returning to life 2 years later in the form of a BMW 760li.


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