Funny Cat Story: Explanation (More Sensible than the Story)

An anonymous source from Romania emailed me the ‘It’sNoCan’t’ funny cat story as an example of a typical Eastern European fairy tale.

When they contacted me, they claimed they were following a tip from a former vegetable gardener I had met on Snapchat for an impromptu professional gymnastics investment.

However, my memory is hazy about all of this (partly from the passing of many long and happy years in the recent interim), and I can’t say for sure who the person was.

In any case, my source is some kind of an anonymous person of one sort or another, so I respect their (somewhat) sincerely held artistic convictions…

Although, in fairness, I found the story to follow on 05 November very silly, flippant, childish, and ultimately too juvenile to be printed in Glossy News.

However, upon stern encouragement from a spiritual counsellor who has followed me around for around 15 years of this earthly life (in our terms), I have decided to print the story as it is.

This story is entirely fictional, based on the charming children’s stories we all enjoyed growing up with; even here in the UK!

And yet, I read it to a highly educated, somewhat erudite and minimally undersexed friend of mine (a lapsed Dominican friar of views by no means out of the ordinary), and he was unimpressed. He proclaimed that ‘said parable did not possess the ring of truth,’ and that some readings of St Augustine, Adi Shankara or St Gregory of Capernaum might have assisted me in my perplexity.

But too bad! This story is really rather worthless and tedious, but I am always willing to generously and benevolently provide a voice for those who, for whatever reason, are either unwilling or unable to express their own somewhat naive literary views at this current moment.

When the day comes that I return at last to Romania, I will certainly make sure that I thank my unknown benefactor, should I ever have the good fortune to come across her. I pray she may be willing to be my spiritual muse once more, and I hers.

Watch out for the IsNoCan’t story very soon! ^__________^

There is no Microsoft Paint illustration provided with the story. This, I very much regret, and it is a fault I one day hope to redeem.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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