How Vicente Fox Won the Cold War

Nobody else can drop these #fucken #apostrophes like a boss! Let’s give it up for big Vic!

(By the way, if you don’t believe me, look him up on Youtube. This is a really classy guy! Love his flow).


Hey Jo, you know, we not havin your fucken missiles next door to our country.

We have friends all over the world, you can take your fucken missiles, is stupid, we are not doin it, if you wanna negotiate yeah we have all good people can negotiate, but you come here wi your fucken missiles Joe, everybody think this guy is crazy!

We have good missiles in Mexico, everybody know this Stalin guy, he is fucken crazy, if you wanna work wi us Joe, with your brother Mexico, that’s great, but we are not puttin up wi your fucken missiles, Joe!

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