The Acceptable Antisemitism of the Anti-Racist Community (ARCom)

Just look at the following link. I think the headline may be inappropriate and probably risks tapping into Alt-Right sentiment. Perhaps focusing on anti-semitism might been better? Still, it is well known journalists often do not choose the headline anyway.

A true Nietzschean Revolt.

Is it not?

Ressentiment‘ (cf. the philosopher Max Scheler’s book of the same title) belongs to those who hate others not primarily because of their oppressive actions or privileged outlook (although there are indeed such), but more fundamentally, because of WHO and WHAT they are.

Will T G Miller is a contrarian, but he is certainly no racist, at least from anything I’ve ever seen on social media or indeed, in this article. I have never spoken with him personally, but we have interacted substantially on Facebook. In any case, I am not here to ‘defend anyone’s honor,’ but just to urge people to prudence and caution and to consistent skepticism towards all sides.

Still, regardless of the headline, I have seen no evidence from anything Miller has said that would make him appear to be a ‘racial realist,’ an ‘alt-righter,’ a ‘fascist,’ or anything like that. You may say this is all fairly anecdotal, and you’d be right. But not all ‘anti-racism’ is opposed to racism. The antisemitic tendencies of so many ‘progressives’ and ‘radicals’ today is disgusting. If there is another Holocaust of Jewish demographics in Europe in the next few years, it could just as easily be perpetrated by radical leftists as by radical rightists. ‘Never Again?’ If only one could be so sure.

Europe has learned nothing from the Holocaust! If you have ever assumed differently, wake up and smell the hydrogen cyanide, before it’s too late.


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