But I’m Oppressed! (SPOILER: No You’re Not!) (3/4)


What is self-diagnosis?

Self-diagnosis (or in hipsterese, self-dxx) is what happens when pretentious idiots claim they have an illness or disability of some kind, in order to evade accountability for their actions; or to get sympathy, accommodations they are not entitled to, or some other material or spiritual benefit.

You are not oppressed because everyone laughs at you for your imaginary fake mental illness or disability.

(Why does nobody ever have self-diagnosed AIDS, syphilis or ebola? It always seems to be the sexy things).


Maybe you are oppressed by nature, for being an utter moron; or maybe it was your parents oppressed you, by dropping you on the head when you were too young and stupid to know any better. God only knows!

Just quit crying, and remember the people in the world who have REAL problems.

Still, at least you’re not like this guy…



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