N.Y. Police Turning Backs On de Blasio Illustrate Exactly Where The City’s Problems Lie

The New York Police twice turning their backs on Mayor de Blasio during his speeches at the funerals of two slain officers gives a strong indication of exactly where their whole racial problem started.

The police showing disrespect for the Mayor and a total lack of ability to see his point of view is the heart of the problem that has plagued the NYPD for decades.

This is the same callousness and disregard they have shown for the black and other racial communities for years.

Mayor de Blasio spoke up for the disenfranchised black community who feel that the police have been too brutal in dealing with their citizens. The choking death of Eric Garner was the fuse that set them off.

De Blasio, who is married to a black woman, indicated in a very personal speech when Garners police choker was acquitted that police had to recognize that “Black lives matter.”

Many police staff took his comments and sympathy with Garner as being traitorous to the force that de Blasio was supposed to be supervising. This was hardly the case but it shows the small mindedness and selfish lack of understanding that the police have of anything but their own point of view and perspectives.

The police, in turning their backs on de Blasio at both funerals, have shown their self total lack of understanding for what he is doing and their bull-headedness at always having things their way. They do not try to understand his point of view and this is the same attitude that many of them show towards the black community as well. ‘My way or the highway’ seems to be their theme song.

The Mayor did not need to attend the funerals. It was not required of him.
But he did.
He did so not to make a statement but to show genuine concern for the slain officers.
He showed his respect.
In return many of the NYPD did not show him any respect.

In turning their backs the New York police confirmed many of the suspicions that residents of the great city have about them. The also threw coal on the racial fire that has been burning there way too long.

Mayor de Blasio has famously said that he has schooled his half-black son on what he can peacefully do if he finds himself in a confrontation with the police. Apparently he was indeed correct and wise in doing so.

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Writer’s Note- Can it be any more ironic that the black man who shot the two officers out of racial hatred killed two men who were themselves racial minorities? Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu probably had no such attitudes against other minorities and might have helped to be instruments in changing the face of Big Apples racial tensions had they lived.

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4 comments on “N.Y. Police Turning Backs On de Blasio Illustrate Exactly Where The City’s Problems Lie

  1. Regardless of ones political/social opinion, as a society, we expect our professional servants to, well, act professionally. This was petty regardless of perspective, indicative of the innate petty nature and mob mentality (us against them) of the people we entrust with our public safety…and guns. Don’t forget the guns.

    Without the self discipline to voice their opinions in less disrespectful ways, they may as well just patrol the apocalyptic, deserted highways in a supercharged car, armed with only a shotgun and guts, taking on the lawless hoards who prey on the remnants of society.

    But then again, they are probably too big of pussies for that! Back turning, chocking and shooting unarmed civilians is easier.

  2. They presented the false notion that the protests over the choking death of a small time cigarette hustler using an illegal chokehold led to the death of two minority cops by a wacked out thug. Did I miss anything Trout?

    That holds up about as much as the notion that N. Korea hacked Sony. Let’s dig deeper since you asked. No evidence that this thug even attended any protests, knew or was busted by the cops in question, had his shit together in anyway yet based on such flimsy evidence we are expected to assume their correlating the two incidents and respect their disrespectful actions? Of course, minorities get sent to jail for life on such flimsy evidence as that. But I digress.

    And THAT’S the position I saw…theirs back on society over an overinflated, whimsical disconnected series of events.

    But that’s just me using my own warped logic bred of violent society and policing regressing to the 1960’s.

    I also saw black cops NOT turning their backs so you tell me Trout…did you even attempt to understand THEIR position? Eh?

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