Carnival Corporation Posts Onboard Cruise Crime Data

In a voluntary effort to be more accountable to the public, Carnival Cruise Lines has released data about 576,727 alleged crimes reported on board their ships during the previous year.

Included in the release were 18967 incidents of public drunkenness, 42379 cases of severe obesity, 12581 noisy oxygen bottles, 87503 reports of pinhead buffet line slowing and 415297 of wearing white after labor day.

The report also noted several hundred thousand unreported but observed cases of partying in jacuzzis after closing hours, improper supervision of children and blown out flip flops.

Carnival made the data public on its website Thursday night while commenting “We hope this goes a long way in reducing fears among the general public regarding the safety of cruise travel.”

The Carnival data covers the period between January 1 and December 31, 2013, on ships from four Carnival Corp. brands — Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America, Princess and Seabourn.

photo credit: pasukaru76 via photopin cc

Author: deeptrout

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