Danish Zoo Defends Killing Of Employees

A Danish zoo on Wednesday defended its decision to kill four employees citing age factors, the risk of inbreeding and the arrival of a new, younger male hire.

This week’s executions have put the Copenhagen Zoo on the defensive again, a month after it infuriated animal rights activists by killing a healthy giraffe.

In a statement, the zoo said it put down a 59 year old male employee because he was too old and they needed to make room for a new 22 year old who had better long term employment prospects. The zoo also put down a 46 year old female employee.

“We couldn’t risk the new male mating with the older female as we might end up with a kid with two heads or something.”

Two teenage employees were also put down because they were Jews and might have been killed by the new male emigre from West Asia.

“We tried to place them in Poland and Germany, but no one wanted them this time.”

They said the culling “may seem harsh, but in nature it is necessary to ensure a strong employee gene pool with the greatest chance of uninterrupted service to the state.”

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