Michelle Obama Wins Big Ass Award

HOLLYWOODLAND, California (GlossyNews) — Just a few weeks ago at the annual televised ‘Celebrity Judging Show,’ critics awarded President Barack Hussein Obama’s wife, Michelle, the coveted ‘Really Big Ass of the Year’ award.

Hundreds of Hollywood’s elite gathered at a star-studded ceremony held in Grauman’s Chinese Theater as a team of judges from the prestigious IPT Center announced their favorite picks in 23 different categories.

Obama beat out a strong field of nominees including, Oprah Winfrey, Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Moore, and last year’s winner, Hillary Clinton. But this week that mighty Ass-et just might be a big liability.

Clamitous P. Aldrich, the town attorney for Hog Jaw, Arkansas has filed a class-action lawsuit claiming severe crop damage to Hog Jaw’s corn crop due to a recent visit by Michelle Obama to neighboring Missouri where Michelle spent some time in Branson on vacation.  Recent bad press about her multi-million dollar vacation in Majorca, Spain during recessionary hard times prompted the First Lady to choose a more American spot to rest her buns.

In the lawsuit the town claims that significant amounts of sunlight were blocked by Obama’s very large ass as she sunbathed on Lake Branson’s beaches during a recent 7 day period.

According to a spokesperson for the First Lady, “Mrs. Obama was recently criticized in the press over an extravagant trip to Spain, and the First Lady thought spending some time with the ‘little people’ would show her solidarity with the working class who revere places like Branson, Missouri. Today, Mrs. Obama is shocked by the lawsuit.”

The lawsuit seeks a monetary compensation to farmers and harvesters who have suffered an economic hardship.

Author: Bargis Tryhol

Hello, I'm Bargis Tryhol and currently live somewhere in the southern part of the USA. I have been writing humor for quite a few years and love to make fun of the liberals who in recent years seem to be falling by the wayside in droves. My online following is fairly large now, so a big 'shout out' to all who have embraced my lopsided humor. I do appreciate the support. You can visit my website Satire World for more outrageous humor.... SatireWorld.com Comments or retribution? Bargistryhol@aol.com

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  1. OH…and don’t forget the BIG ass fries with your big ass QP with lots of ketchup Michelle! Wonder which one of her 24 personal assistants brings her all her Big ass fast food and other delicacies? You can’t hide HUGE ass no matter how much of our money you spend! She and big fat ASSssss Oprah ought to strap on the food bag together and talk about their big ass money and their big ass hair. Meanwhile I’m sick to my stomach at the hypocrisy and greed on our dimes…well more pennies and nickels and other such CHANGE.

  2. Really not a “Party” thing…it’s a HUGE ass thing along with a BIG mouth thing telling other people what not to eat as you shove another QP down your obnoxiously fat gullet! Wake up you mindless followers!

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    Good to see you’re still measuring up. Save a seat at the table, I’ll drop by if this site ever sends me my password….not off to a good start!

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  4. Fair and balanced is good. Maybe rfreed can come over from the Dark Side and see the humor in liberal Democrats. We’ll welcome him, give him a new hat and everything! Now, that would be Change We Could Believe In!

  5. We could do a piece on Republicans and who is the biggest ass-head amongst them.
    We do have to be fair and balanced, don’t we?

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