Previously Ignored Nostradamus Prediction Re-examined

Cologne, Germany (GlossyNews) Glossy News Headquarters, Europe — The following document was retrieved from the ‘Reject’ files in the Glossy News Interchange in Cologne, Germany. Upon retrospect it offers interesting insights into our present political life in the US:

Unusual Nostradamus Writings Found

February 23, 2003- Historical researchers have discovered a new prophecy by the famous sooth sayer of the Middle Ages, Nostradamus, hidden away in a 500 year old book in a German University library. Apparently the newly found verse might be about a future Presidential elections here in America.

Here is the text as translated by one of the foremost Professors of Midevial Literature at the University of Heidelberg, Professor Herr Wolfgang Spitzenkopf:

‘Verily there shall come to pass in that great land of new freedom across the seas that the people there shall decide amongst themselves for a new leader in the time when the years of our Lord’s birth are over two thousand. He will be from the race that is the darkest of skins, but shall be lightened by having a mother of the European skin. He shall face great struggles, but arise above them all by having a calm mind and a fair outlook. He shall pass over the great Anti-Christ who was the leader of Vice in the previous Kingdoms reign which brought great destruction and howling upon the land. This Vice leader, who is the Beast so warned of in the last book of Holiness, shall be known as ‘Dick’. The new dark leader shall be possessed of two names that shall weigh heavily upon him and cause much derision in the land, so much so as to perhaps make him stumble. One name shall be that of ‘Obama’ and the other that of ‘Hussein’; both names shall be much despised at this time. But so great in need of relief shall the nation be following the exit of the Beast and his mascot, that throngs will flock to him begging for help. And verily, he shall try to answer their need.’

There is much debate as to what this strange message could mean. It is largely regarded as too obscure and doubtful to be taken seriously. Of course, the thought of anyone named ‘Obama’ or ‘Hussein’ gaining office at this time in America’s history, much less being black is considered downright absurd.

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