Aliens Abduct Rhode Island, Connecticut Unaware

Woonsocket, RI – – In one of the most bizarre UFO events yet recorded, aliens reportedly abducted the entire State of Rhode Island.

It happened at 3:15 AM May 10. The entire episode was documented by Barney J. Brothers using his cell phone camera and his video has been posted to YouTube, prompting a frenzied worldwide rush to see the video.

According to Mr. Brothers, he was leaving his apartment in Millville, Massachusetts, which borders Rhode Island, for his job as a night watchman, when, he says, “A gigantic flying saucer vaguely resembling a pickup truck began to suck up the whole State of Rhode Island.” Racing to his truck, which coincidentally is a Ford pickup, Mr. Brothers retrieved his cell phone and recorded the entire incident, making this one of the few well-documented alien abduction stories on record.

As seen on the video, the land and entire city of Woonsocket seem to slowly levitate toward the waiting spacecraft, whereupon all are sucked into a vacuum-like tube projecting from the spacecraft’s fuselage, and then disappear from sight.

“There’s no doubt in my mind Rhode Island was picked because of its small size,” notes Brothers. “If they had picked Maine or Pennsylvania the whole spacecraft would have either been weighted down or exploded in midair.”

Brothers, who admits to having had “one or two,” says that while recording the event he accidentally dropped his phone and is very lucky it even still works. Asked by a reporter if what he thinks is Rhode Island being sucked into a spacecraft might actually be his pickup truck as his phone bounced off the sidewalk, Brothers becomes heated.

“That is a hot crock of steaming bull!” he exclaims. “First place, my truck has Massachusetts plates. Second, it’s blue and whatever was sucked up in that spaceship was dark green. And if that’s all not enough, my watch stopped, right at that minute, then started up again after they put Rhode Island back where it’s supposed to be.”

With evidence like that, Mr. Brothers is likely to be taken very seriously by UFO organizations and will no doubt garner a segment on an upcoming “UFO Hunter.”

Author: Will Johnson

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  2. Too bad they didn’t suction up Illinois and fly away with it. I would have paid them to do that.

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