Yet Another Black Mark Against Obama – He’s a Lefty

Yet another criticism of our “fearless leader” has been brought to light by those forces who are ever vigilant on keeping an eye on those treacherous liberal elements that have infested and are now running our great country.

It has come to surface that Omnipotent Obama is left handed! As we all know, things of the left hand are often associated with evil or inferiority. In Japan, left handed children were be killed because they were considered evil.

The path of black magic is known as the ‘left hand path.’ In Arabic countries, one never shakes hands using the left hand as that is the hand children are trained to clean themselves with after going potty.

If one is caught stealing in some Islamic countries, the thief’s right hand is severed to add greater insult because he then must use the socially inferior left hand exclusively.

So, we can add being left handed to the Obama ledger of why he should not be President along with being an Islamic agent (hope they never have to cut off that right hand of his!), not being an American by birth, and the ever popular being a black man in a white man’s job.

Now, to make matters worse, HIS WIFE MICHELLE IS ALSO LEFT HANDED!!!!!! Sorry folks, in this case two strikes is enough for an out. We have two left handers in the White House. I say that is enough for an exorcism! We can’t have two of them in there making that ‘ol black magic! Time for some fumigating I’d say!

Author: Ivran

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  1. Obanana’s Republic

    The top banana promises to bring down the cost of bananas if he can turn America into a banana republic!

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