The Famous And Now Forgotten Word Warrior- The Paperclip Guy!

Do you remember way back in the foggy mist of Internet time the first and most infamous troll of all, the Paperclip Guy?

He would always be lurking around the corner of any Word document you were typing; just waiting for his chance to add his two bits about what you were writing, like a Stasi spy eager for a promotion within the ranks.

He considered himself the main protector and overseer of our beloved English language and, although eternally polite, would thoroughly infuriate you with his constant infringements upon your space; like a mosquito trying to drink her limit before closing time.

He was always at your disposal like an unwanted valet, ready to serve you endlessly as you diddle away at any sort of manuscript you had the misfortune to put upon the Microsoft template.

What is not well known is how he eventually went over to the dark Side of the Force.

It got ugly, folks!

He went from being Sebastian Cabot to a Sith Lord in a time short even by Internet standards.

For those who can still remember him on old computers (say around 2004?) here were the tell-tale signs that he was becoming a digital dictator.



Author: rfreed

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