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If you're just starting out...

Let's assume you've already told your friends at work, your family, and emailed everyone you know. All that traffic has come and gone and now you want some more. Sound about right? Okay, let's get started,

  1. Get the Alexa toolbar for your browser. This will always show you how popular the current site you are visiting is and give you all kinds of other helpful statistics. It does have a google search box built into it and a bunch of other features, but the main point is that tou will need to know how popular sites are before you get to the next steps. It's free, it doesn't crash your browser and it really does help.
  2. Register your site at DMOZ's open directory project. This will take months for your site to show up on there but eventually that one link will be shown on dozens of other sites that use the DMOZ feed.
  3. Submit your site to Google and a search engine blaster. Don't pay for this service no matter what, there is no reason to do that. They have a good sales pitch but Google will find you soon enough anyhow, and all the major searches (AOL, AT&T, YAHOO, etc) feed from the Google search.

If you want to know all about surf exchanges...

Surf exchanges can be time consuming but if you sign up with the right ones, you can see an instant increase in good quality visitors who are actually READING your page! There is too much information to put it all on this page, so find it here instead. Definitely worth a look.

Make Actual Money From Your Site...

It's a big topic, so it's discussed in it's entirety over here. For now I'll just say that there are hundreds of sites on the web that promise to make you money, and I've only been paid by one of them.

You're a bit past beginner

  1. Ask your favorite sites to give you links. Don't be bossy though, a lot of times new webmasters like to make demands like they are the biggest new site in town. Your site may be the biggest and coolest new thing in town, but that's no guarantee and the person you're asking may not agree. It's nothing personal. Give the site a link and send them an email saying something like "Really dig you site, gave you a link... would you consider linking back to my new site?".
  2. Find directories (such as this the satire page at humor links) or ISNA. Join them. Again, keep an eye on your Alexa toolbar because it will tell you if the site you are on is garbage or well-travelled. No sense getting links on a thousand pages that no one ever sees.
  3. If you post regularly in a bulletin board or forum, post a link or two there. Don't join one just to post your link though, they usually kick you out for that, call you names, and delete your link.
  4. Go search out popular guest books and sign them. When you do so, be sure to post your email website address. Search engines will start noticing your URL showing up and start thinking you are more popular. Also, when you search for the guestbooks, be sure to see how Alexa ranks them. If it is very low, don't bother signing.

Swappin' Pops (multiply the traffic you have...)

The idea on these is that you trade popup ads with another site. Actually a vast network of sites. Now there are a million companies out there that do this, but the following are the only ones I have any faith in.

  1. Make use of an Email This Page text link or graphic link. This will encourage people who like your content to tell a friend. That helps, right? The code explained in painstaiking detail is here.
  2. Make use of a subscription list. Encourage those readers of yours that come once, to come again. Most hosting packages include some kind of mailing list feature, if not there are free services out there that are reasonably good to work with. Don't expect to get a lot of subscribers overnight, it doesn't work like that anymore. You will be lucky to approach a thousand within a year. That's because peoples names were really abused by spammers in subscription list clothing. So please, when someone does impart their trusted email address to you, be respectfult of it and don't screw it up for the rest of us.
  3. Traffic Multiplier has a very good reputation and has always done right by me. Their traffic stats are straightforward, their service is honest, and when they say they won't bombard your reader, they mean it.
  4. The next good one is Exit Exchange They actually invented the popunder exchange technology. They started it and they still know what they are doing.
  5. The last one I can recommend is Traffic Swarm has a very good reputation and has always done right by me. Their traffic stats are straightforward, their service is honest, and when they say they won't bombard your reader, they mean it.

If you've tried everything and now you want "crazy"!

  1. This idea is pretty crazy idea, and it may work.
  2. There's a site called that let's you trade traffic on a surf exchange. You allowed to have popups even. Here's the wierd part, no one sees it. It just clicks and clicks and clicks when you aren't even looking. The idea is, you can have popups on your display page that people may see OR may earn you traffic on another system.
  3. There's another site called that does that same thing. You can have popups, you don't have to click anything, just login and go, and start earning return traffic.

Excellent Off Site Building Resources... can teach you a lot. Very broad and inclusive.
HTML Goodies. Old classic, still very good. has thousands of javascripts you can use freely on your page. has more good scripts for use.
Free icons, though poorly layed out.
Alexa, the people who archive the internet and watch traffic trends. let's you look up domains and see registration info on the owner. Also tells you what sites are available.

What are your favorite references sites? Can you recommend a good reference page for us?

... I'm serious, do it.

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