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Get traffic via "Surf For Clicks"

Heard of it, don't know what it is. I'm going to surf the web and for doing that people have to go look at my site? Yep, essentially you're going to take turns looking at each other's ads and websites. It's more work than paying for advertising but the results are guaranteed.

So trade clicks!
Get 1130 visits for free
Just by joining. Quit after that if you want to, but you might not.

  1. Join Top Surfer. People like you join this to view each others sites and to be viewed. You click, you earn a half a visit, you click again, you got your visit. Every 15 seconds you view another page, so can earn the right to be viewed twice a minute. You get 100 visits just for signing up. They also have a lottery deal for free views. They run a couple of them and a couple different ways. It works though, you do get free ads out of the deal.

  2. Eternal hits is just crazy enough it might work. (Well okay, it does work.) You join, then you surf. On this one you get four clicks back for every 5 you view and 10 free on sign up! Watch them 30 seconds each, for an extra 30 seconds you earn a lottery ticket. That ticket can win you more views. Straightforward.
  3. Viral Visitor is great site with a terrible name. Good company, lots of members. Same deal. Sign up, surf and earn. It's a 2:1 ratio and you get like 125 visits for signing up. Not bad at all. Doug, the founder, is so ethical he puts his cell phone number on his site and actually answers it. I tried it before I was willing to put this on here. He's a straight up guy. There are a million of these things out there, stick to the ethical ones.

  4. The last one I'm going to recommend it Viral Class Ads, which is identical to Viral Visitors. You get the idea. This is also run by Doug. If you're going to do one, might as well do. Sign up, surf and earn. 2:1 ratio and again like 125 visits for signing up. Not bad at all.

Earn 540 visits per hour, just by viewing ads.

just by clicking. No joke, not kidding …

You can run all these programs at the same time. Open four explorer windows, logon to one in each, and click on one after the next after the next. Eight clicks a minute will get you 5.6 visitors. I spent 20 minutes signing up, then an hour clicking and I got 1452 new unique visitors… would you like to try that?

What are you waiting for?

So What Then?

NEXT: Once you have done all that, steal this page from me and put it somewhere in the "WEBMASTERS" page on your site. Why? Because you are going to be getting a lot of traffic. That traffic WILL view your site. Sooner or later someone will ask "How did I get here?". They can read this and know how you did it. When they sign up for these programs, you will get a traffic referral as a percentage of their traffic forever. That means you built the snowball, packed it tight, and gave it a good hard shove down the hillside.

-- Is this illegal? No.

-- Is it annoying? That's up to you to decide. Besides you aren't going to do this forever, just until you have your site traffic up and running. Right?

-- Does ISNA like it? Love it. I am committed to my writers and my readers. This venture is not permitted to fail. The only success comes with traffic. If my traffic is too low, I sit down for an hour and click like a mad man.

-- Cost? Time? Yeah, that's the best part. No cost, the entire process is all completely free and you can have the entire system in place within an hour.

... I'm serious, do it.

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