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Updated 2-12-05

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The Internet Satirical Newspaper Association (ISNA) is the international cooperative of the best satire newspapers and ezines on web. If you are easily offended or despise humorous political questionings, this is no place for you. We feature only the finest, funniest and most thought provoking satire. The format is ever-changing, as are the the times we reflect, so please be patient with me in my update schedule.
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Daily Papers

Perplexing Times Broken Newz
DeadBrain - About Daily The Daily Bull
glossy news Chuck & Cletus
The Daily Hog The Daily Farce
Humor Gazette
The Bentinal

Almost Daily

Random Perspective The Line-Online
Just Ram It; Rants, Vitriol and Spleen The Voice of Reason
US Press Asticles
Muskrat News Satan-Says
Mocking Word Cracked News
Yoda's Toilet Satirium

Newest Additions!

Shake it up Baby
Two-Cent Press
The Fake News
Henry Dribble
Brain Snap
Bogus News
Lowlights Now
Naked Hedgehog
Truly Slick
Election Fiasco
Jesus is Busy
Asheville Disclaimer
Concept T-Shirts
Poker Humor
Mr. Damian
News Online
The Invader
VanGross MD

Weekly Papers

Bongo News
Unconfirmed Sources
Llanelli Scar
Bob From Accounting
The Blue Brick
The Toque
Smooth Operator
The Ape Sheet
Humor In The News
The Sjambok

Studio 8
American Russian News
GupSup Satire
Midnight Plumbers
The Hammer
Weekly Cannard
Wreckered - news satire and comedy
Enduring Vision
Chicago Redface

The Wasted Network
Wired Press
Watley Review
The Bladder
WeaklyTimes Generally Awesome

Daily Truth
The Hoosier Gazette
Double Patty Enquirer
Daily Grind
Daily Reckless
Urban Legend
The Rail
Yodelling Llama
The Earhole
Brass Knuckles
The Chortler
A Half Bubble Off
Wealth Bondage
Not the Onion
Almost All In Good Fun
St. Crispin (writer)

Voice of Reason (UK site)
The Specious Report
The Cynical Times
The Onion
The Borowitz Report
Private Eye (
News Hax
Zach Everson
The Daily Lemon
Apocalypse at 11:00
The Invader

Wanna page?

About twice monthly

News at Ten
Sticky Keys
University of the Bleeding Obvious
Catmachine Live
End Evil
Faux News
Affunny Stan
Duke Satire
On the John News
News Mutiny

Inside View; diary of an incarcerated Politician
The Monkey Bars
The Frumerious Bandersnatch
Gov. Howard Dean: A Satire
The Okehampton Whines
Toxic Custard
The Huntspatch
No Apologies Press
Naked Shower
Dummy Down
Yeah Right! Zine
You Are Probably Lost
Garbled News
Puckered Star
Disorderly Magazine
Flip Source
The Ream

About Monthly

Critical Condition   That Be Bristle   John Fanzine
Big Fib   Headline Toons   the SlingShot
Trepanning Town Council   Honkee dot org
Low Lights Now
BLAST Magazine
The Tudor Times
The Chattanooga Daily Bulletin
The Sniper Site
Hypocrisy Entertainment Network
Cock & Bull
Evil Gerald
Fry My Bacon

Satire Directories

HumorFeed Mr. Satire Fark!
The Satire Awards


Sports Satire

Sports Satire
Say It Ain't So (sports)
Sports Pickle
Sports Goons

Less than monthly, still quite tasty...

Doc Sleaze Team Fishcake
The Shredder
Der Haubentaucher
The MentaNet News
Psychic Grub--Realms of Wisdom
The Globe Guardian
BardoTown Gazette
Not The News
Horn of Plenty
Nusta Khallahs
Uncle Melon
Grease the Monkey

Satirical Columnists

Lord Bonkers' Diaries   Jason Love   Little Cube News
Nickerson Online   Pesky the Rat
Bob's Fridge Door
Melvin Durai
Glen Kenner
Madeline Begun Kane
Mikael Svanstrom
The Daily Whale
Mike Jasper's Constant Commentary
Kathy Artliger
Dave Glardon
Jody Reale
B.S. Pyle
Luke's Modern Life

Harder to classify essentials...

- Crazy pages about all kinds of pimps and hoes.

The Funny Hitman

- Hysterical random scripts generate k'jillions of jokes.

Bold Opinon

- Exactly like satire, only real.

Combat Diaries

- Satire, metaphysics and UFO's.

Junk Brothers News

- Satire news and so, oh so much more...

La Pera News

- "Estas noticias son la pera!"


- Articles, editorials, netpimps and more!


- College course catalogs as they really SHOULD appear.


- E-zine satírico sem corantes nem conservantes.

You're in the News

- Put yourself or your friends discretely into top headlines... then run.

Rant Morgan

- Blog slash spoof slash rant slash news... that's some slashin' there!

Illegal T-Shirts

- Got some snappy T-Shirts that tread funny grounds, both "ha ha" and "hmmm".
The Bullshit Report - An odd assortment of off-beat news and real life opinions.
Linky & Dinky's Internet Thrill Ride - "The only choice for a Best-Of links newsletter." -ISNA Editor
Mind Your Own Business - Various content
YDK Online - Cartoons
TSA-Screeners Central - Feel safer about flying... or not. - Not in English, so I can't tell you how funny it is.
Rutgers Review - Waiting for them to post new issue.
College Chick - Nutty rants and other stuff.
Flatulent Technologies
Yesterday's News
The Official Smokemon Page - Still not quite sure what the hell this is.
Landover Baptist - Everything you want to know about the lords' way via Leviticus. - An excellent parody of
Gorskys.COMedy - What can I say, we all know the legend of Mr. Gorsky.
The Jakeys - The life and times of a "real" family.
Comedy Con 2004 - Official site of the official convention in Vegas.
Midnight Plumbers - For all your horse racing and plumbing needs.

No longer updated, but suspended nicely in time and space...

The Management
Business Twaddle
The Weekly Fish Wrap Dispatch & Gazette
Wymsey Village Web
Satire Wire
New News Junkie Newswire
The Deluded Informer
SubBrilliant News
The Boot Newt Sing Along Page
Not In The County Parks
Chairman Moo

The Whitewash Post
Oddly Enough Engineering
Shadetree Void
News Papa
No Page For You
The Leader
The Warp
Is God Kidding?
Sales Horror Story Library
The Point
Wacky Dissent

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Daves Daily
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