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Want to ACTUALLY Make Money From Your Site?
Did you know you actually can?

Caution on You - Caution on Them - Okay, Who?

As an ambitious webmaster running four sites, I can tell you that I've tried everything. Trades, swaps, ad campaigns, begging, you name it. Let's face it, it's really hard to make money with a website. But I have found a way.

Caution on You!

Whether you just launched your site last week or you've been doing this for years, the mistakes of net advertising are pretty common.

  • Your page has too many ads. Especially if they don't pay.
  • Your ads are overbearing. Especially if the same.
  • The ads you're running are ineffective. Especially more of the same.
  • The company running your campaign is ineffective. Especially, yeah.
  • The company running your campaign is crooked. Uh huh, that again.

    Caution on Them!

    So now you're ready to work with other people, but who can you trust?

    Beware of;
  • Promises of outrageous payout, I've never seen it materialize.
  • Promises of making money "eventually". Like building downline income.
  • Sites wanting to trade something other than money.
  • Menus or pay schedules that are impossibly confusing.
  • Sites who make you host the ads on your server. Too much work.
  • Sites that make you maintain/change ads frequently.
  • Too much work.
  • Sites that only pay for purchases. Is it your fault their ads suck?
  • Sites without detailed reporting. Take their word for it they're being honest?

    Okay, Who?

    I've been making $2 to $5 every day off these guys. Who? Fast Click, that's who. You can't browse the internet without seeing their ads. They are huge and they've been doing this forever. That means, to me at least, that they know what the hell they're doing. My paypal account concurs.

    That link is my unique sign up link, so you can sign up. Once you sign up, WHEN you make money, I will get a small referral bonus. That means that WHEN YOU make money off it you can recommend it to other webmasters you know who WILL make money off it, and when they do, YOU will get a cut.

    MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING SCAM! Not a bit. I can get a cut from you, but not from people YOU sign up. It doesn't work like that. This will never make you a millionaire. It's not a get rich quick scheme. Hell, it's not even a get rich scheme. If you sign up 20 people who each make a dollar a day, you will make a dollar a day off of them. If they sign up a thousand people under them, you will still only make a dollar a day off of them. They pay for referrals the way a business should. You can see there's nothing "too good to be true" about it. Well, for me, $2-$5 a day was too good to be true, but my dreams are pretty low these days.

    You can even disable all those obnoxious ads that jiggle and insult your intelligence. When I first initiated it, I meant to go through and take out those "Extreme Animation" ads, but by the time I went to, I could see from my stats that those were paying by far the best. You know, lot of dumb people on the net.

    If you're already signed up with them, start using them again, if not, I'd say do it. based on the traffic you're getting, you should be able to get about a dollar a day per 800 visitors to your site. Wouldn't that be nice? That's how I am finally able to completely cover my hosting costs.

    So there ya go.


    The following is an excerpt from the publisher information page.

    Do you need a recap?

    • Great rates: We pay by impression (CPM)* and click (CPC) and give you 65% of the sale!**

    • Reliable Payment: Fastclick pays by the 25th of the month for the previous month (NET 25) if your balance at the end of the previous month is $50 or more. If your balance is less than $50, it rolls-over to the next month. Payment is either by check or by PayPal.

    * That means you get paid, even when people don't click or buy anything! Why? Because some ads don't require people to click and because some advertisers make ads that suck! They know that, why should you be punished? As long as you follow their rules, which are rather strict (and with good cause), you will get paid just for having traffic.
    ** A sale (to them) is anything they get paid on. They aren't going to let an advertiser say that they only get paid if someone buys something, to hell with that, you want to run a billboard ad along the freeway, the company that owns the board doesn't care if you get business or not, they want their money. This is the same thing. They're going to get paid even if no one buys, and so will you.

    So quit jerking around with advertisers that don't pay or have systems so confusing that you can't possibly do it right, go to the signup page and apply your site so you can start getting paid.

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