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---July Newsletter to ISNA Webmasters---
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-We have finally found a way to make money off humor sites. Some of you may already know it, others are about to find out. I was skeptical so I decided to give it a week, but it only took six hours to get the results. check it out.
-There will soon be a feature on the Internet Satirical Newspaper Association where you can become the Featured Site of the Month. This is expected to be offered sometime in July. You'd get...
One month on the front page.
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Guaranteed exposure
Cost has yet to be determined but I'm thinking like $19 for a one month feature.


Who's News

Just Ram It; Rants, Vitriol and Spleen - Monkey on Toast - KTAB NEWS - That Be Bristle - The Daily Bull

The Hack - The Ape Sheet - Shiola - The Line-Online - Watley Review

Asticles - Bob From Accounting - Chuck & Cletus - Random Perspective - Say It Ain't So (sports)

Sports Satire - Scrambled - The Huntspatch - KTAB NEWS - Scrambled

Big Fib - American Russian News - Idiotica - Lord Bonkers' Diaries

New members, No Button/Logo

Voice of Reason (UK site)
Being Famous
Puckered Star
Sky Daddy

Who's Leaving

The Hack
An excerpt from his letter to me
I started The Hack by writing 'Onion' style articles but wanted to find my own voice. Then I forced The Hack through a long and difficult experimental phase. My tendency towards cultural review emerged very clearly from this. A weekly commitment to self-publishing on the web was therefore great for discovering my voice. Having achieved that, self-publishing has become merely additional expense and work.
My efforts are now aimed at improving my standards, knowledge base, and research methods. I've recently applied to switch my degree to one in Creative Writing and Contemporary Culture at an Arts Institute (the place is full of broadcasting and publishing undergrads too). I'm still writing my 'Hacks', but tailoring them for and sending them to reputable publishers that could use my kind of material. The likely trail of rejections is hardly a problem - I write a piece each week anyway, and besides, I'm used to a silent audience, so any response will be more than I normally get! I may as well get my work seen by people who can help me improve what I do and offer an audience that will want to read me.
Thanks for asking (whoever you are!). And good luck with whatever you're doing at Glossy News. The web can do many things for many people. I think the trick with it is to ask yourself "what do I get from this?" and then be ruthlessly honest.
Hope some of this is useful,
J A Lee

Domain/URL Selection & Registration Guide

So you wanna build a new site and haven't picked the name yet? Here's a guide to finding and picking from the millions of unregistered names to get something that's funny, works, and is easy to remember.

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    Make Money From Your Site

    It's a big topic, so it's discussed in it's entirety over here. For now I'll just say that (as I'm sure you already know) there are hundreds of sites on the web that promise to make you money. Out of all I've seen and tried, I've only been paid by one of them.


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