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---August Newsletter to ISNA Webmasters---
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Finally made some much needed changes around here;

  • Opening links in NEW WINDOW can now be turned on or off.
  • Removed ad banner from member site frame. Now contains;

  •     - Headline Ticker,
        - Alexa site info,
        - A small Amazon button no one ever clicks.
  • Added a featured site of the month.
  • Boxed around some categories for better aesthetics.
  • Shrunk some fonts down on the front page.
  • Lightened up the background logo's for improved readability.

    Who's News

    Check here to open all links in their own new windows.

    HumorFeed - WeaklyTimes - Daily Truth - HomeFront

    The Bladder - Anastrophe - Muskrat News - NewsLeek

    Inepcia - Perplexing Times - End Evil

    New members, No Button/Logo

    A Half Bubble Off
    Comedy Con 2004
    Wealth Bondage
    The Jakeys
    The Ream


    Spam-Buster Tutorial

    Sick of getting 500 emails a day because you MUST have an email address posted? This set of scripts and tricks will have you dodging spam before you know it. Nothing paid or sponsored, just good, clean, wholesome scripting and fun.

    Previous Tutorials;

  • Picking a Unique Domain or URL
  • Custom Add to Favorites icon
  • Custom Email this Page buttons

    Make Money From Your Site

    It's a big topic, so it's discussed in it's entirety over here. For now I'll just say that (as I'm sure you already know) there are hundreds of sites on the web that promise to make you money. Out of all I've seen and tried, I've only been paid by one of them.


    Seen the New Banners?

    Here are some graphics to copy for your page.
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    Internet Satirical Newspaper Association OR Internet Satirical Newspaper Association

    Internet Satirical Newspaper Association

    Internet Satirical Newspaper Association

    Internet Satirical Newspaper Association

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