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---June Newsletter to ISNA Webmasters---
Announcements - Who's New - Custom Icon Tutorial - Free Marketing - New Banners

Want your logo displayed on ISNA?
(last time I'm asking)


- The Webmasters Reference Library is open and growing. It is a synthesis of things I've learned along the way mixed with sites and books I've read, and input from you guys. There's tips, tricks, tools, links and marketing strategies that should cater to webmasters of all levels. If there's anything you'd like to see in there, that you're just too lazy to do yourself, let me know, I may do if for you!
- The Alexa Toolbar is available for download. Every link coming from ISNA has a button for Alexa information. Many of you know the benefits already and many of you already have it, for those of you who don't or don't know what it is, you need to check out the write up. If you haven't already, go see all the info they store about your site. Reviews, traffic details, list of similar sites. Pretty interesting stuff.
- The address of ISNA has changed from, to a much shorter Both addresses will remain in effect for at least three months. Ultimately the the old one will be replaced with a redirect to the new one. Please update your links accordingly.


Who's News

Llanelli Scar - Psychogenic Fugue - Critical Condition - Trantastica - Little Cube News

US Press - The Daily Hog - Smooth Operator - Enduring Vision - DeadBrain - About Daily

The Hammer - Random Perspective - About Daily - The Voice of Reason

Looks like the word finally got out about using logo buttons...


Custom Icon Tutorial

Do you have any idea how easy it is to create an ICON that will automatically be placed on other peoples bookmarks when they add you? Read all about it.

Did you catch last months tutorial about custom Email this Page buttons?


Free Marketing

With each newsletter I hope to continue to bring you tips and advice on how to further market your website, and hopefully I'm going to be able to show you how to do it for free.

This months installment comes the insanity department of the webmaster vaults. It's a way to get thousands of hits for signing up, plus thousands more per day without even doing anything... huh?


Seen the New Banners?
Anybody feel like helping make new ones?

Here are some graphics to copy for your page.
link to: ""

Internet Satirical Newspaper Association OR Internet Satirical Newspaper Association OR Internet Satirical Newspaper Association
Internet Satirical Newspaper Association

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