CBD in Pennsylvania is taking off  


Ever since it was legalized, Pennsylvania medical cannabis has been taking over the market. People are rushing to dispensaries and the industry sales have been shooting to the sky! Residents can’t wait to get their hands on CBD to treat their respective conditions.

No one’s blaming them, because this natural healing has been the topic of success stories all over the country. The industry is reaping from its initial investments and the state is getting lots of revenue. Let’s take a look at what CBD really is and how it’s affecting the entire state as per tse: weed articles we have reviewed as reference.


Difference between CBD and Medical Marijuana

The terms are often confused with each other, thinking that it’s just the same thing but no – they’re not the same thing.  But they have one thing in common – what plant type of cannabis plant they’re derived from.

Medical marijuana is from a cannabis plant that produces it. It’s most commonly used to treat conditions like chronic pain or cancer. There’s still a lot of controversy surrounding this plant because not a lot of research was conducted to really get down to its benefits.

On the other hand, according to Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture, CBD or cannabidiol is an extract of a type of cannabis plant that also happens to produce marijuana; the other is tetrahydrocannabidiol or THC. CBD is not the entire marijuana plant itself.

Compared to THC, CBD will not make those who take it high. That’s why there are lots of medical marijuana products that only contain CBD or little THC. Although, there can still be medical marijuana products with a percentage of THC but CBD counters the effects of THC. People consuming Marijuana and CBD are a little worried that the weed might take a while to get out of their stomach but not to worry much about it as you can always use fake synthetic urine kits to pass any kind of drug test. It looks so real that no employer or examiner can judge that they are testing some fake urine sample during drug testing. You can find more information about these detox pills at theihcc.com.

CBD Status in Pennsylvania

With the legalization of medical marijuana, CBD products are also legal for medical marijuana patients. The industry has been getting so creative that there are tons of products that contain CBD.

But you can’t purchase CBD in its purest form nor can you find a product that contains CBD alone, click here to buy online legal CBD oil. There always has to be a bit of THC in it or some other extract.

One of these is CBD Oil which is also one of the most popular CBD products in the state. This oil can be used to treat patients who have multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, AIDS, epilepsy, etc. Other products include edibles that can come in the form of gum, gummy bears, candies, drinks, etc.

The variety of the products are also one of the main reasons why people love it so much. you can even get a massage using CBD-infused oil in the state – this is how diverse the products are here.

Placed in gummy bears and other lowkey products, it won’t seem so obvious that you’re taking medical marijuana. You can just simply pop it in your mouth discreetly and nobody would bother because it will look like just another normal candy or gummy.

It doesn’t matter what kind of product you prefer to take because they’re all available and legal in Pennsylvania.

People’s Success Stories

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons why CBD is taking off in the state is because patients are dying to have their own dose of it.

A lot of these patients have heard success stories or have one of their own. So many lives have been turned in a brighter direction because of it and CBD shelves are getting cleared up speedily. Even if it’s quite expensive, people just want to treat their condition and get better in no time.

One person, who’s not a patient, is Dr. Lynn Bornfriend. Bornfriend has always stayed away from marijuana and from people who used the product even when she was still in her teenage years. It was only when her mother had cancer that she opened up to it.

Medication wasn’t working on her mom and her sister resorted to using edibles. She was initially against it but when she saw her mom pain-free, she did a 180-turn.

Now, she’s one of the doctors who certify patients for medical marijuana treatment.

One patient, Judy Beck, uses CBD oils to help her combat chronic pain that is caused by lupus and fibromyalgia.

Bornfriend and Beck are just some of the people who believed that CBD can actually help combat pain and relieve it. They’re just two of the people who contribute to the increase in sales and the booming of the industry.

This million-dollar industry has only been around for a couple of months but it’s already getting a lot of attention and bringing in a lot of revenue. People are going crazy over products that won’t get them high but will definitely relieve them of their pain. It won’t be long before this industry hits a billion dollars and the number of patients and dispensaries go over the half-million mark.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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