“Julianna Rose Mauriello: Life out Of “‘LazyTown'”

More about Julianna Rose Mauriello

a) Singing and Acting

When young, Julianna (Stephanie) always sang and was seen at SUNY Purchase Party Scene of the Nutcracker which is similar to no deposit casino uk.
Her performance grew as she watched her siblings take part in Pleasantville High School music performances. She later joined them on stage as a Snow child in the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel performance.
The French Woods Arts Festival build her love for stage and this led to the introduction to a distinguished theatre agent named Nancy Carson. That also led to her 1st professional role in 2002. Julianna was Li’l Titch at the revival of a second Rodgers and Hammerstein classic (Oklahoma).
To avoid being far away from her profession, her family relocated to Manhattan. Julianna then started attending Arts School where “Stephanie” is presently an honour student. After her 1st professional stage encounter, more appearances followed. They include:
Gupsy: A music Fable with Bernadette Peters, learning various roles like Baby June and New York City Center Encores.
Besides her stage performances, she did specialty films and commercials, worked for Wendy’s, Volvo, Disney Entertainment and AstraZeneca (Nexium).

b) Stephanie’s “Lazytown” role

In a great entertainment twist similar to foxy casino free spins entertainment, a girl cast to star in the Nickelodeon TV show declined the role. Julianna (Stephanie) was given that role. The role was “Stephanie” in Lazytown (a hilarious show that blended movement, music and constructive messages for kids). The creator of the show (Icelander Magnus) chose Julianna because of her excellent combination of energy and talent during the role as Stephanie as the main nucleus for a positive message in the show.
In relation to her role as stephanie from lazytown now, Julianna moved to Iceland to shoot 3 seasons episodes emposing the role of Stephanie while learning Icelandic. She appeared as the presenter during Iceland Edda Awards and she has done live and broadcasted appearances in seventy countries in five continents.
The Academy of TV Arts and Sciences chose her in 2006 as the nominee for their Daytime Emmy Award, “The best performer in the Children series”. The performance message is still being awarded; the latest award was a nomination in the British Academy of Film and TV Arts International category. This nomination was for the Children BEFTA in 2006.

c) Other information about Julianna

●She is studying jazz, tap, ballet, Irish step dancing and tumbling.
●She studied voice and dance with Rona Leslie and Janine Molinari.
●According to satire, she got arrested when she was thirteen. “Lazy town stephanie arrested for prostitution after being caught in a tricky way at Windsor Lux hotel in Virginia.”


Not much is known about Stephanie from lazytown in real life currently. Some reports suggest that she quit acting after turning eighteen but there is no any official confirmation about that.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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