Medium Tags: Don’t Forget Foreign Words

Don’t forget that with your tagging strategies on Medium, you can find non-native English speakers; or more broadly still, speakers of other languages.Try pausing while you type, to see what the autofill/autocorrect function comes up with; not sure which is the correct word for this! I consider myself a ‘decent apprentice’ in IT by this point. So this is a learning experience for me too!

One word that comes up is ‘Neurodiversiteit,’ German for ‘Neurodiversity.’

There are also ‘Individualismo’ and ‘Neoliberalismo.’ These are Spanish; you know what words they refer to already, even if you don’t know Spanish.

Aside from the strategy I just mentioned, you can:

  1. Search for an English word in another prominent world language, e.g. French, Spanish, German. Remember that it’s not just about languages spoken by many people, but also languages that are likely to be used by many people using the site. For searching, you can use a search engine, an online dictionary (e.g. Collins), non-English version of Wikipedia or Wiktionary, translation tools e.g. Google translate; even paper dictionaries!
  2. Try guessing. Sometimes adding an ‘o’ on the end of certain technical terms works to find the Spanish or Italian version; sometimes not.
  3. Use your own language knowledge, if appropriate.

Hopefully, by doing this, you can expand the reach of your articles.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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