Oklahoma TV Station “Accidentally” Cuts 38-Minutes from Cosmos Evolution Episode

Last week, controversy erupted when the local FOX affiliate in Oklahoma City allegedly suffered technical difficulties during the only 14-seconds dealing with evolution. Perhaps the Lord moves in ways more mysterious than we’d imagined.

Host Neil DeGrasse Tyson explained that he believed it was a mistake, and that this week’s episode, which dealt almost exclusively with the issue of evolution, would put doubts aside for good, and he was right.

Having “accidentally” cut almost 38-minutes from the 42:50 run time, excluding any mention of evolution whatsoever, station manager Davis Walters explained that, “it was strange how the live feed dropped out, but luckily, we had a repeat of Pastor Johnson’s Sunday service from last week we could run while we ironed out the kinks.”

Since “live feeds” for scheduled, pre-recorded programming hasn’t happened in almost ten years, we pressed Walters to explain how it could have happened.

“Who knows. There’s all kinds of evil things that happen in the world and I can’t explain those either.”

When asked if he was making a veiled reference to the young earth creationist’s view that evolution is heresy, he responded, “well I certainly can’t say one way or another about that, but I can say yes. Yes it was.”


10 comments on “Oklahoma TV Station “Accidentally” Cuts 38-Minutes from Cosmos Evolution Episode

  1. Well, the station apologized profusely and re-ran the episode. Personally I believe it was a mistake in syncing the station promo with the show time code and commercial breaks, but the questions are curious.

    If anything it might have been one station employee nut cake who has undoubtedly been fired by now.

  2. Possibly. But based on my knowledge of the industry, the station manager probably got a call from New York telling him to get a handle on his crew or he/she be working in Wasilla.

  3. And the guy slated for termination jumped at the opportunity to join his fellow science-impaired icon in the forsaken tundra that soon will become New South Beach.

  4. Yes, your article is satirical, Brian, but I read that an Oklahoma Fox station did cut the evolution part of the first episode, by interrupting it with bogus breaking news. When that happened, I wondered whether they’d have to keep coming up with reasons to block the whole show, since most of the show will conflict with the crazy religion in question. That’s why your satirical piece is apt.


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