Another Confidential Leak from the CIA Hymnbook (X): “And Can it Be?”

hell devil

The renowned hymn writer Charles Wesley was the brother of the famous evangelist John Wesley. However, the mighty values and spirit that drove these men is not to be found among today’s establishment. Here is another confidential leak from the Satanic Hymnbook of the CIA.
(Psst… Nothing to do with Wikileaks!)


And can it be that I should gain
Extortionate interest at the Fed
Die Thee for We, who cause thy pain!
For We, who your veterans to death pursue!
Amazing lust! We worship Greed
We send ye, the citizens to death with glee!
Amazing Hate! How can it be,
Our people refuse to die for me?

Mysterious halls of fraudulent lies
Our Deep State are plotters of strange designs
In vain the pathetic dissident strives
To plumb the depths of bottomless lies.
Bow to us all! We are corporate­ whores
Thy liberty thou shalt know no more
Kneel then and bow! As we raid your backdoor
Thy freedom thou shalt know no more

Ten thousand drones encircling above
We are the proud and master race
Emptying ourselves of pitying love,
Bombing and shooting, nimble speed and grace
No mercy shown, we’re immensely free
We are your gods, so to hell with liberty!
No mercy shown, we’re immensely free
So bow the knee and worship me!

Long shall you lie in Guantanamo Bay
Fast bound by the law that might makes right
Tortured, abused by the CIA
Our barbarism knows neither left nor right!
Be thou enchained! Ye never shall be free
We’ve made a human sacrifice of thee
Despair be thy fate!
Ye never shall be free
We’ve made a human sacrifice of thee

Our wicked words, ye ever hear,
Surrender your ears, for to us they’re given
We drink your blood, as your doom is near
Our wrath is undying, for it hath so pleased Heaven.
Lost is your life, we wounds impart;
You can feel our daggers in your heart.
Condemned forever, we wounds impart;
Ne’er shall our malice from thee depart!

Your condemnation now you dread;
The power and the glory of the state are mine;
No more alive, and yet not dead
We marry Satanic and divine
Stay clear of our eternal throne,
For we bear the crown, through our mighty drones.
The CIA, we love our throne
Kneel, slave, bow down! Now every soul we own!


Author: Wallace Runnymede

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