The Brotherhood of Evildoers (An Ode to the Empire of Misplaced Righteousness)

Cain is great

O Cain is good!

Join our ancient Brotherhood

Elder Nimrod hunts with might

Pursues his prey til break of night

Aye, and further still!

As Judas, traitor, weeps beneath the hill.

Pilate scorns, betraying guiltless blood

Felix trembles, quivering on the sod

Is he buried yet?

It’s been two thousand years agone

Since Felix wept, and Festus mocked

And the Whore of Babylon lay quivering at the dock

With all her Empire’s treasures lost at sea

Light a candle for Jezebel

Godspeed thee,

Ahab’s grand dark resplendent Queen!

By James Tissot, Public Domain, Link

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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