Labour MP Naz Shah Tells Yazidi ISIS Victims to ‘Shut Up’

After recently retweeting a comment saying Rotherham rape victims should shut up for the good of diversity, prominent George Galloway critic and moderate socialist intellectual Naz Shah has ended up in even bigger trouble.

A satirical Twitter account, parodying prominent conservative journalist and rowdy anti-imperialist pseudo-Marxist polemicist Peter Hitchens recently said:

No doubt I shall be sorry I asked, but why are we devoting so much time to validating the subjective inner experiences of captured brides in the Islamic State?

After all, pandering to the inward experiences and unprocessed, pre-reflective sentiments of these Yazidi women is a simply immaculate textbook example of the narcissistic self-absorption, and the deeply crass and vulgar ‘me, me, me’ consumerism, of the current mediocre and decadent political consensus.

Terribly sorry, petal, but I daresay your purely emotive and subjective denunciation of the Islamic State shan’t cut much ice with me. Pray settle your pretty little head and learn how to reason in a perfectly dispassionate, rational and objective manner; now there’s a good munchkin!

A stream of glowing retweets immediately ensued from Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Polly Toynbee, Nick Cohen and Brendan O’Neill. (Several of the accounts in question were alleged to be extravagant parodies; but in one or two cases, this was actually a little difficult to prove one way or the other).

Naz Shah then responded with a simply exquisite stream of Miltonian prose:

LOL!!!!!! Like yeah mate. See this shit, it be like well playin in2 the handz of the Islamophobe industry like, innit! LMFAO these Yazidi ho-hos be proper suckin’ up to ’em neoliberalismists, yeah? Fuck this shit, man!

My anonymous sources, of which I cannot definitively confirm the existence or non-existence, tell me the police are watching carefully to see if any opportunistic hate crimes will result from Naz’s latest brave and inspiring edgy metropolitan intellectual Twitterstorm.


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