Thanks Guys! New York Times Article Convinces Me to Become a Nazi

Apparently, the Soviet Union wasn’t all bad.
Women actually had more orgasms in East Germany than West Germany.
Great! I never realized before that ‘to receive a bone for all is to forgive all.’ It looks like pretty much any side benefit of a dictatorship can outweight it all.
By the way, I just found out the Nazis had good health care provision and better food queues than the Soviet Union.
They also catered very well to the S ’n’ M community too.
I think I’m going to become a Nazi.
Hitler may not have made the trains run on time; but then again, neither did Tony Blair.
Do you have any more examples of side benefits that have made you change your mind on some other misunderstood ‘dictatorships’ such as North Korea, the Islamic State, KSA and Trudeau’s Canada?
Leave your thoughts below!

Originally published on Gulag of the Pomocaliphate, a satire journal I used to run on



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