Religious People Who Judge Atheists & Agnostics Have Forgotten Something Important

When people judge atheists and agnostics, they forget that faith, religion, spirituality are supposed to serve certain ends.

A person who fulfils these ends relatively well, who is a moral universalist, a moral objectivist, a virtuous and cultivated person…

This person, be they of any faith or none, is immeasurably better than the one who is either a dogmatist, or a dogmatic relativist.

A good non-religious person is worth a million Salafis who want to behead gay people; or a million Jehovah’s Witnesses who let two million children of theirs die for want of a blood transfusion; or moral relativists play-acting at being Jews or Christians.

In many ways, Jordan Peterson, Nick Cohen, Richard Dawkins and Michael Shermer are far more moral people than woke SJWs play-acting at ‘religion.’

All I’m saying is, don’t mistake the essential for the contingent, and the contingent for the essential.

Piety is a means to an end.

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By Matti Á, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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