Firing Squad, North Korea Satire Movie Both Ready to Shoot (Videos)

There are those who quake in their boots at the thought of upsetting sweaty North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. We are not among them.

Thumbing our noses is the least of what we’re doing. Unlike “The Interview” ours will be a non-stop biting satire. We’re not focused primarily on the American’s involvement, but almost exclusively on those within North Korea.

It’s a hermit Kingdom and it’s a fascinating place. Very little news gets out but our team of writers has been hammering on this to craft a clever script. We’ve amassed a hell of a crew and we’re planning to start shooting actual screen footage in the next ten days.

If you like the project, consider kicking in even a few bucks on GoFundMe and help us get this thing off the ground.

Watch our Promo Video

Then Watch Our Screen Test Which Shows We Can Make a Huge Explosion


3 comments on “Firing Squad, North Korea Satire Movie Both Ready to Shoot (Videos)

  1. If you end up wasting my time with this, I will make this website a smoldering inferno of destruction with a hint of kimchee.

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