Video News Blooper Reel Proves MSM Make it Up as they Go Along

DATELINE-ANYWHERE – One of the biggest obstacles we face, as a news outlet, is the claim that we’re not as credible as other outlets. This video montage should show otherwise.

While we may not check our facts, source our stories, or stand behind even a single one of our quotes (we stood behind a few last year, but we’ve been busy in 2013,) we’re still doing a better job than the mainstream media.

We don’t curse, we don’t blurt out, and not just because we don’t “do it live“, but we measure our tone quite a bit. Sometimes it’s not enough to sate the angry censors at Google Adsense, but they’re committed to being only mostly evil, so we let it pass.

So while we’re far from Award Winning (though arguably Nomination-Adjacent) we’re still doing way better than those in the video montage listed below.

[Please beware, some ounces of what follows below may be a tad NSFW.]


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