Sheldon- The Gold Standard For Geekdom

Words alone cannot describe the wonderfulness of Sheldon Cooper.

The main star of the television series ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has set the new bar high for all those nerdists who will surely follow in his footsteps hereafter.

He is the penultimate geek, the very pinnacle of nerdism that is humanly possible outside of becoming a cyborg.

He is the gold standard for hyper intellectuality, a paragon and a goal for those who wish to become a master nerd, a Brahma of brains, a Maharishi of mentality, a Doctorate of Dweebishness, the absolute nadir of nerdism, a Galactus of geekiness.

The slow process of evolution has taken us from amoebas to apes, then made that cosmic leap from chimp to man, then jumped from Neanderthal to troglodyte to modern man (watch ‘2001- A Space Odyssey’ five times to get the idea). Now Sheldon makes the leap to the cosmic man (just like the blue space baby in the ending of 2001) and mankind itself has grown another notch because of it.

Sheldon typifies all that is superior in the true geek- a sharpened mind that can rarely be argued with, a love for solitude, study, the sciences, all things mental (outside of sports statistics), books, learning and not-to-be-forgotten: video games. He has evolved beyond the need for human social circles, is fine alone and does not have the weakness of needing a woman (or a man, knowing that that accusation is forthcoming being as how this is America and any man not needing a woman is automatically accused of being gay). He has his mind and his health and his career- who needs any more than that?

He is heroic in having overcome the trials of his childhood- a fundamentalist mother, nuggie and swirlie giving bullies, social ostracism, being misunderstood, being prohibited by local authorities from enriching his own uranium and other setbacks. Despite these difficulties he has succeeded in becoming the emblem of the future man- one who can come up with a mental rationalization for all things at any time and any place. A being not only triumphant in applying mind over matter, but mind over everything else in life as well.

How can a man who went to the university at age 11, graduated at 14, possessing two PhD’s and having an I.Q. of 187 not be considered anything less than a superhero? He could have a t-shirt made with his own likeness emblazoned upon it just like the other comic hero ones he likes to wear: ‘Intellect-man!’ Bazinga!

Some, well, actually, many have a problem with his self-absorption and arrogance. But how can that be withheld from someone who is so perfect? Who else should he be absorbed in- a lesser fellow human being? Hardly! When one is as wonderful as him he should be allowed to be somewhat arrogant. Hasn’t he earned it? If he doesn’t blow his own horn who will do it for him?

Humanities onward march towards true nerdheit has at last its leader!

Hats off to you Sheldon Cooper! I go out now to once again find a small, carbon based mammal to sacrifice at the alter I have set up for you next to my TV set.

Live long and prosper!

Author: rfreed

I was born and I died. Being a disembodied entity makes it very cheap for me to get by. Not having to worry about eating or having a place to live gives me a lot of freedom to squander my time writing occasionally funny articles. See more almost funny stuff at

12 thoughts on “Sheldon- The Gold Standard For Geekdom

  1. Indeed, Sheldon has that mix of qualities, but I think they’re connected. Sheldon’s superhuman intelligence alienates him from society and his autism keeps him from developing his emotions in the socially accepted way, so he gets stuck with an asexual child’s sensibilities even as he’s virtually omniscient when it comes to so-called left-brain matters. His narcissism is part of his being stuck in a child-like state, and he’s stuck there because he’s an extreme nerd with autism, or at any rate with an inability to socialize.

  2. Personally, I think Sheldon blurs the line between nerd and jerk. Nerd used to mean excessively intellectual and socially inept. Excessive narcissism and lack of empathy defined you as something completely different: sociopath. Therefore I conclude is neither nerd nor geek.
    He’s a dangerous sociopath that should not be able to legally own an exacto knife, compass or sharpened slide-rule. But that’s just me.

  3. This is how Sheldon started off, but it’s interesting to see political correctness, feminism, and romance taking over the show (for ratings, of course). Sheldon has been paired off, like his buddies, and by the time the show ends I think his character will have changed so that he’ll compromise more with social conventions.

    I wrote an article on Sheldon Cooper on my blog, which you might be interested in. It’s called “Sheldon Cooper: The Nerd’s Paradox” and it features a dialogue between Sheldon and Leonard on romantic love.

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