Free Walmart Bingo Generator Game Released

Forget those underpowered, overpriced apps that promise you a fun game of Walmart Bingo, the FunnyHitman brings you one that’s even better, and best of all, it’s free to view, free to print and free to use as you laugh your inexpensive suburban socks off.

For the unitiated, Walmart Bingo is when you go to the store and look for the strangest of strange folks, fairly common at a Walmart, and mark them off.

No, let me step back a bit.

Walmart is a store where anyone is allowed to shop and, due to incredible every day low pricing, draws in the most unusual and eccentric of our nation’s folk, specifically the poorest and oddest our society has to offer.

This randomizer is nice because it’s free, and because it’s better than anything the competition has to offer. There’s nothing listed I’ve never personally seen myself at least three times (I’m kind of a Walmo,) and there’s nothing too easy on the squares.

Here are just a few of the sample cards you can play. You don’t have to use specific card. You can go to random Walmo generator page and churn out your own custom page. You’ll also find the rules of the game there.

So check out these cards, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section. It will help me to generate even more random cards for your gaming pleasure.

Remember, full resolution versions, and those generated at random, are available here.

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