Pirates Found With Dead Navy Seals on Maersk Alabama

Seychelles police have confirmed three deceased Ethiopian pirates were found along with two retired Navy Seal security personnel discovered dead on the Maersk Alabama this last weekend.

The three pirates carried Ethiopian passports and appeared to be dressed as Captian Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook and Lemur King “Julien” from the 2005 animated film “Madagascar”.

Also found were narcotics, hypodermic needles, condoms, KY Jelly and a DVD of the Broadway show “Pirates of Penzance”.

Photo credit: jlmaral via photopin, CC.

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  1. IMO death is only potentially funny if it “you” who are deceased and writing your own obit. Or a hackneyed character, like Captain Jack Sparrow. Heh! Just imagining that made me laugh….

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