Satirists To Decide Comedic Value of Breadsticks

Satirists To Decide Comedic Value of Breadsticks

WILLOW GROVE, PENN. Satirists are gathering at a conference titled “This Article Is An Inside Joke” in Willow Grove this weekend to decide if breadsticks are inherently funny or only so when mentioned in the same sentence as “Olive Garden”.

“Breadsticks by their nature are humorous, just mention the word breadsticks and people laugh,” said Conference Chairperson Freeman Bradley Stix.

“No, there must be a premise with proper execution or it means nothing,” responded TeeJ Nooby.

“Fresh bakery products are always a hot button issue. You’re either fir ‘em or agin ‘em, there’s no in between,” chimed Rusty Zipper.

To which RaisinCain responded “The more important question to ask, is the breadstick even there, and if not, what is it’s motivation for not being present?”.

MaximumMad added “Is this a joke or something because I’m not getting it. Why are we even discussing breadsticks OR Olive Garden, they both suck. Where in the hell is Willow Grove and who is John Galt?”

The Conference ended without a resolution.

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