Lady Gaga Responds To Criticism Over Head Defecation Stunt

The Internet exploded with criticism Friday after a performance by Lady Gaga at the NSFW Music Festival in Winslow, Arizona, in which a homeless man wet defecated on her head.

Gaga was premiering the title track to her new album “Derelique” when halfway through the song Gaga sat on the stage and a pantless, dirty man in tattered clothing pulling a shopping cart straddled her head and oozed what appeared to be several gallons of a brown, chunky liquid over her head, face and body.

Minutes later fellow singer Demi Lovato lashed out in a Twitter post “Does Gaga think homeless people who just ate out of a dumpster and are experiencing severe abdominal disruption is funny?”.

After the show Lady Gaga responded “What we were doing was making a statement. No, it was pure entertainment. Then again I think it was performance art. Yes, it was artistic. Artistic expression with a strong identity. I was bringing art and music together in a spirit of artistic rebellion.”

Gaga added “I can’t help it if poor people don’t understand art.”

Later Lovato Tweeted “Whats next for Gaga, ridiculing people of color with irritable bowel syndrome?”

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12 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Responds To Criticism Over Head Defecation Stunt

  1. Seriously, if one is unaware of the mini scandal from puke epi this article will fall flat. Which is too bad because besides the parody of barf/defecate there over half a dozen decent rim shots.

  2. No, I wasn’t aware of the barf story, but I also didn’t say I wasn’t impressed with your article. I wasn’t really commenting on its quality. I was saying that she’s an easy target.

  3. I’d rather pay 500 for a close seat than 50 for one in the rafters where I have to watch a monitor.

    I can do that at home for free.

  4. FWIW I remember when Alice Cooper was biting the heads off chickens, so this stuff doesn’t faze me much. I saw an opportunity for satire and parody and ran for the daylight.

    I never knew much about Gaga until a while ago. Since then I have done some research and want to see her in concert. She’s appearing close to me an although I missed the initial ticket offering I will probably pay some big money on a scalp site to get a couple seats down close.

    She’s an amazing singer and puts on a great show.

  5. Well, the barf story was last week and the backdrop on which my article is based. If you are unaware of that then I understand why you were not impressed.

    I write to current events, it’s my own cross that I carry.

  6. No, I think I get it. I was being facetious. Honestly, though, Lady Gaga could probably get away with doing this in reality. Anyway, I would have liked to hear more of Lady Gaga’s pretentious justifications of that bit of performance art.

  7. The thing is, this is too believable to be satirical, because Lady Gaga is self-satirizing. That’s the problem with postmodern targets, I find: they know they’re ridiculous.

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