Seth Rogan Testifies Before Congress About Seth Rogan

In a six minute address before a Senate Hearing on Alzheimer’s research funding that has gone viral on the Internet, comedian and actor Seth Rogan was successful at focusing discussion on the lack of knowledge and attention paid to Seth Rogan.

Rogan, who holds fundraisers for the Alzheimer’s Association, which took in 240 million last year but curiously spent only 14 on research grants, skillfully maneuvered the discussion away from the lack of Alzheimer’s research funding by Government and the Alzheimer’s Association and onto why members of Congress have not seen his movie “Knocked Up”.

Rogan’s mother in law suffers from Alzheimer’s and spent one minute recounting the inconveniences and horrors of the one hundred million friends and family members of five million U.S. Alzheimer’s victims. He then used his remaining five minutes making jokes, talking about himself, his drug use, his lack of intelligence and raising questions as to why he was asked to appear before the committee in the first place.

After his comments Rogan took to the comfort of Twitter questioning why Committee members left early instead of listening to his entire set comprised of jokes, self deprecation and bathroom humor. Senators responded they needed to cast votes in congress, discuss current legislation and meet with world leaders over crisis in Iran, North Korea and the Ukraine.

One Senator was heard saying “Well, he did said “fuck” once, but that’s one thing we get enough of from comedians in Congressional Hearings, the word “fuck”. If he had thrown in more tittie and ass jokes I might have stayed longer”.

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