Proving that we can all have car trouble from time to time Gotham City’s central bus route was graced with the presence of the Dark Knight himself, Batman.

It has been reported that at about 9:45pm the Bat signal could be seen in the dark, moody skies of Gotham it was at 10:05pm that eyewitnesses on the Gotham City 45 bus report that Batman boarded the bus.

“He was at the stop by the liqueur store…” recalls Hazel Witbread, who was making her journey home “the Batmobile was across the street with smoke coming out of the engine, he didn’t have the right change but the driver just let him on, well he is Batman”.

The stunned driver waved Batman on the bus and asked where he wanted to go, the Dark Night is alleged to have said “I’m Batman, take me downtown” which was not on the route but the driver felt crime fighting needed a helping hand.

Batman sat to the right of the bus, in the centre next to the window and is said to have smiled occasionally at fellow passengers who started in silent bewilderment.

When the bus arrived at the dock line Batman called for the bus to halt, stood up and got off the bus “it was like we all blinked and he was gone, into the shadows”. It remains unclear why Batman needed to be in downtown Gotham.

Henry Phelps has been driving the 45 route for 26 years and says that this is the highlight of his career “Gotham aint the prettiest city and it sure has its near-world-ending problems but I love my job. Sure I get drunks, criminals and hobo that smell like dog-crap but to help Batman foil a crime the highlight of my career.”

Phelps has a new nickname down at the depot; colleges have taken to calling him Busman.

Gotham Travel who run the bus and rail transport to the city have issued a statement saying that they intend to give Mr Phelps a written warning in accordance to the due and proper dismissal process for diverting from his route and accepting a passenger without payment.

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