Rupert Murdoch Will NOT Visit An Ashram

A spokesperson for Rupert Murdoch was asked yesterday for Mr. Murdock’s response to Paul Ryan as candidate for GOP vice-president, and received the reply, “Right! Absolutely right!” Murdoch apparently credits Ryan for saving a tottering Romney, tweeting “Thank God!” in his enthusiasm to support a “real election.”

However, in-depth sources have indicated there is no truth Mr. Murdoch is now wearing a dress with no underwear in preparation for a forthcoming stay at an ashram in India, where he plans to devote himself to the highest chakras for spiritual union and energy.

The spokesperson—somewhat crisply—maintained that to the contrary, additional to his support for the Ryan candidacy, Mr. Murdoch will repair to one of his palatial estates, location not disclosed, to assess new methodologies for personal and State security

Would Mr. Murdoch be willing to address the Republican Convention? The spokesperson declined to answer, although the way his eyes glazed suggested he might make that suggestion to the right sources. As to a position in the Romney-Ryan cabinet that was simply too early for speculation.

Author: joseph k winter

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  1. Why would Murdoch want a cabinet position when he can just continue controlling the party far from public scrutiny? Remember, what he says goes, or the favorable coverage blanketing the airwaves and print outlets will end.

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