Diet Craze “Famine” Sweeps Hollywood, 3rd World

Madonna has returned from her latest trip to Africa with a new celeb ‘famine’ diet.

Always looking for a way to stay in shape Madonna, 53, has been following a new diet that will dramatically lower body fat, bone density and muscle. Friends of the Grammy award-winning singer said that she was inspired by how easily the children in the Mwingi district, Kenya, followed the diet in order to stay slim.

The diet consists of one small portion of cavassa root and as little as 100ml of water a day. One day a week you are allowed a bowl of ugali (water and maze porriage).

Members of the public who have tried the diet said that they had felt incredibly unwell, tired, weak and dizzy but Stacy from California said that “the diet really works. The weight has just dropped off”.

Other celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston, have openly shunned this diet opting for the ‘Hospital IV’ drip diet.


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