Tankiesplaining the Islamic State: Not All Terrorists!

What would happen if jihadists decided to use the same excuses Communists use?

ISIS aren’t evil; just a deformed jihadist’s bureaucracy.

Any degenerated chopper’s state is a good excuse for Islamophobes to make opportunistic criticisms.I mean, the malevolent Zioliberal bourgeoisie never even gave us a chance to get off the ground, with their grossly disproportionate over-reactions.

Syria and Iraq were backward and undeveloped countries; you can’t expect miracles (except when we say so!)

We were driven to stern measures we didn’t want to take; you can’t really blame us for that one, can you? After all, the game was already rigged before we started, thanks to the greedy, conniving, manipulative, late-Christo-Capitalist Zioliberal Kafrgeoisie!


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Author: Wallace Runnymede

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