Sorry Folks! Journalists Don’t Have a Right to Be ‘Respected.’

The hypocritical pretence of “moral guardianship” on the part of the Far Center establishment media is disgusting.

The current US and UK journalistic establishment reek of entitlement.

If you think spiffing Eton serial jape-ists like Pork Me Dave and Mr Bojongles are detached and aloof, or the Clintons and Trumps of this world are arrogant, self-serving professional victims…

Well, wait til you get your next gallon of Centrist Journalist tears!

From Saddam’s magic WMDs, to myriad conspiracy theories and delusions about Syria, Russia, Serbia and Donald Trump, the Moderate Journalists are the Moderate Taliban du jour.

The problem is, that when it comes to the media, respect has to be earned.

If your father beats you black and blue every day, he’s no longer your father.

If your son steals from you and blackmails you, he’s no longer your son.

The problem is that the media seem to think they are entitled to respect. They have a right to be honoured and lauded.

Actually, there is no such right.

It is a privilege, and it takes exceptional courage, character, integrity and intelligence to win that privilege.

Respect is hard to earn; but it is easy to lose.

I can’t speak for everyone here at Glossy News; this is a pluralistic satire site, and we don’t have a party line.

But this much I will say:

For me personally, this one really is a hill to die on.


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