Paul Ryan Devastated by Ayn Rand Revelation

During a campaign stop in Virginia Friday, Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan was rocked by the revelation that Ayn Rand’s books were fiction.

He had intended to make a quick walk thru of a small locally owned book store when he stumbled upon the very books he bases his political philosophies on in the fiction section.

While this was a widely known fact, it appears that the revelation truly impacted his self confidence. He was quickly ushered back to his tour bus by his security detail and was not available for immediate comment.

After being questioned by several reporters at the event, a spokesman for the campaign would only offer this comment under the condition that their name not be revealed.

“This discovery has been very hard on our candidate. He has followed these books in his relentless desire to save our country and he was not emotionally prepared to have to deal with this type of information at this point in the campaign. He was repeatedly uttering that he now understood how it felt to be a Scientologist.”

The campaign could not provide information on whether Congressman Ryan would suspend his involvement in the campaign at this time or continue on until the general election.

This is a developing story and we will update you as more information becomes available.

Author: Mike Kelly

I like finding the humor in politics. Sometimes what you hear isn't that far from the bizarre.

16 thoughts on “Paul Ryan Devastated by Ayn Rand Revelation

  1. Thanks surram for the heads up! We were wondering if you were stupid as well as ugly. One good thing, really stupid girls like ugly men and since there’s more ugly girls than hot ones, you’re probably all set for a date tonight!

    Well, that is if you like girls.

  2. Jack Crawford said “The article was the troll, da Silver was the response. I wouldn’t have wasted my time. If her fiction didn’t contain any truth, nobody would be scared of what she says.”

    Uh, dude. Hate to break it to you but nobody is scared of what she says. You guys really do have a persecution delusion, don’t you? It’s like the imaginary war on Christmas.

  3. I’m a member of the Grand Old Party and found this article very funny. A good read Mike, especially in this tense political atmosphere. I thought this was tastefully written.

  4. Thanks bargis. Like my father told me, “Kid, you’re not the kind of person who will attract many friends, so make a lot of enemies and at least someone will show up for your funeral.”

  5. The article was the troll, da Silver was the response. I wouldn’t have wasted my time. If her fiction didn’t contain any truth, nobody would be scared of what she says.

  6. rfreed, I feel I’m doing my part for society just knowing that for a while they aren’t out walking our streets.

  7. It was a good jab Mike.
    You are just getting set upon by the same rabid people who think that everyone should be a Republican, that only they are right and are out to squash any dissent because they are out for political control and think that attacking anyone who speaks otherwise should be immediately repressed. It is effective sometimes. They certainly got rid of the Occupy Wall Street Movement with their organized bitching.

  8. As usual, left wing lies and smears. Ayn Rand founded an entire school of philosophy known as Objectivism and wrote several books about it.

  9. Defending your ideals on a satire website, glowbob t-shirts for everyone! I feel bad now that I didn’t put as much effort into writing it as the people who are trying to defend her. And I expected the Scientologists to object.

  10. Get a life Mike Kelly! Many of Rand’s quotes are truisms of which our Founding Fathers wrote themselves. The cold hard facts are that many of her prophecies have come , to ignore what has happened would be naive For some to suggest that one has to adhere to all things someone else believes in order to agree with some is a sniveling puerile view that life is ‘all or nothing’. In other words, it fits Liberals to a ‘T’.

  11. Wow, my first troll! I was afraid nobody would read my articles, but now I feel really, really good inside.

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